One Year to an Organized Life with Baby(ISBN=9780738214559)

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作者:Regina Leeds,Meagan Francis 著出版社:Perseus出版时间:2011年02月 

  Bringing a baby into the family is undeniably one of lifes most momentous experiences, marked by expectation, joy, and hundreds of tasks and questions. Which baby gear essentials do you need to buy and when? How can you reorganize your home to make room for your baby? When should you start looking for a daycare center or nanny? One Year to an Organized Life with Baby prioritizes everything that parents-to-be need to know in order to get their home and life ready for a new baby, as well as strategies for keeping it all together once the baby is born. Packed with timelines, checklists, and tips, this unique week-by-week, month-by-month program eliminates stress and refocuses prospective parents so that they can fully enjoy the changing landscape of their lives.


  Regina Leeds, named best organizer by Los Angeles magazine, has been a professional organizer for more than twenty years. She lives in Toluca Lake, California.Meagan Francis is a parenting journalist and mother of five. She lives in Michigan.

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