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  • 印刷时间:2001年04月01日
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作者:Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer 著出版社:Perseus出版时间:2001年04月 

  How parents and teachers can help young children through the crises of confidence that mark their formative years. Boys need to be noticed, admired, understood, and accepted to feel good about themselves. Boys who lack appropriate emotional support from the adults close to them are at risk of believing they don't fit in and are likely to act accordingly, engaging in risky behaviors-including at worst using drugs and acting out violently. Raising Confident Boys teaches readers what makes boys prone to low self-esteem and provides practical, effective tips for managing these situations as they arise.


  Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer writes extensively on parenting topics and conducts workshops about guiding and motivating children.

目  录

1. Understanding His Challenges and Opportunities 
2. Meeting His Needs 
3. Deepening His Self-Knowledge and Self-Awareness 
4. Giving Him a Positive View of Himself 
5. Demonstrating Care through Love and Rules 
6. Responding Sensitively to Setbacks 
7. Supporting His Learning and Personal Growth 
8. Encouraging Confidence and Independence 
9. Checking Out Your Role and Feelings 
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