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作者:Dr. Caroline Fertleman,Simon Cave 著出版社:Perseus出版时间:2009年06月 

Potty Training Boys the Easy Way is a pediatricians guide for navigating the challenges unique to toilet training boys. Boys tend to take longer to be trained, learn this skill at later ages, and have different challenges from girls. Parents will find an accessible plan for getting their son trained quickly, clever games to make learning to use the toilet fun, as well as important tips for handling accidents and setbacks. The book includes advice on boy-specific problems, such as whether to teach him to sit or stand and how to aim, dealing with distractions, handling refusals, and staying dry through the night. Practical and reassuring, Potty Training Boys the Easy Way is packed with all the information a family needs to achieve this important milestone calmly and confidently.


Caroline Fertleman, MD, is Consultant Pediatrician at Whittington Hospital and Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London Medical School.Simone Cave is a longtime health editor at the Daily Mirror.

目  录

1 Is Your Son Ready?
2 Early Preparation for Potty Training
  (from 12 Months)
3 Countdown to the Big Day
4 D-day
5 The Next Few Weeks
6 The Fourth Week and Beyond--Out and About
7 When Your Son Doesn't Fit the Mold
8 Night Training
9 Resolving Common Medical Problems        
10 Moving Forward


"Library Journal", starred review"To use two bad puns, just when you think the market for potty-training books is saturated, along comes a new one that is worth the price tag, even though it's a little dry. Writing specifically about boys, pediatrician Fertleman (Whittington Hosp., UK) and health editor Cave present a concise plan in fewer than 120 pages, which ambitious moms can read during baby's nap. It is simple and factual and does an excellent job of addressing common counter-arguments. Guides for determining if your son is ready and tips for preparation until he is (e.g., let him see himself peeing in the bath) are excellent. Overeager parents would do well to read about the role of the hormone vasopressin in bedwetting."

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