The Nice Girl Syndrome: Stop Being Manipulated And Abused--And Start Standing Up For Yourself

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作者:Beverly Engel 著出版社:Wiley出版时间:2010年03月 
  How women can overcome the pressure to please others and feelfree to be their true selves Are you too nice for your own good? Dofamily members manipulate you? Do coworkers take advantage of you?If any of this sounds familiar, read "The Nice Girl Syndrome." Inthis breakthrough guide, renowned author and therapist BeverlyEngel, who has helped thousands of women recognize and leaveemotionally abusive relationships, can show you how to take controlof your life and take care of yourself. Engel explains that womentoday simply cannot afford to be Nice Girls, since "nice girls" aremuch more likely to be victimized-emotionally, physically, andsexually-than those who are not so "nice." She identifies sevendifferent types of Nice Girls and helps you understand which typemight apply to you. She helps you determine whether the Nice GirlSyndrome is keeping you in an abusive relationship or inmanipulative situations, and helps you challenge and change NiceGirl beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back. Helps youconfront the beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck in a NiceGirl act as you replace them with healthier, more empowering onesIncludes inspiring stories of women Engel has worked with who havefound the courage and strength to stop taking abuse and startstanding up for themselves "This book will challenge, entertain,and empower its readers."-"Publishers Weekly" (starred review)Written by renowned author and therapist Beverly Engel, who hashelped thousands of women recognize and leave emotionally abusiverelationships Filled with wise advice, powerful exercises, andpractical pre*ions, "The Nice Girl Syndrome" shows you step bystep how to take control of your life and be your own strongwoman.

  Beverly Engel, an internationally recognized expert in emotional and sexual abuse, is the author of numerous successful books, including The Emotionally Abusive Relationship, Loving Him without Losing You, and Healing Your Emotional Self . Engel has appeared on many national television shows, including Oprah . Her work has been featured in publications such as O: The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Psychology Today, and the Washington Post.

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Part One Strong Women Aren't Nice
1 The High Price of Being Too Nice
2 How did We Get So Nice? 3 The Ten False Beliefs That Set WomenUp to Be Used and Abused
Part Two From False Beliefs to Empowering Beliefs
4 Stop Putting Other's Feelings and Needs ahead of Your Own
5 Stop Believing That Being Nice Will Protect You
6 Stop Worrying about What Other People Think of You
7 Stop Trying to Be Perfect
8 Stop Being Gullible and Naive
9 Start Standing Up for Your Rights
10 Start Expressing Your Anger
11 Learn How to Handle Conflict

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