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  • 页 数:174
  • 字 数:
  • 印刷时间:2008年07月01日
  • 开 本:32开
  • 纸 张:胶版纸
  • 包 装:平装
  • 是否套装:否
  • 国际标准书号ISBN:9781416561484
作者:Hermann Hesse  著出版社:家庭电子杂志社出版时间:2008年07月 
This allegorical novel, set in sixth-century India around the time of the Buddha, follows a young man on his search for enlightenment.THIS ENRICHED CLASSIC EDITION INCLUDES: A concise introduction that gives the reader important background information A chronology of the author's life and work A timeline of significant events that provides the book's historical context An outline of key themes and plot points to guide the reader's own interpretations Detailed explanatory notes Critical analysis, including contemporary and modern perspectives on the work Discussion questions to promote lively classroom and book group interaction A list of recommended related books and films to broaden the reader's experience





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