Desert Gardens 沙漠园林

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作者:Gary Lyons 等著出版时间:2000年06月 
  Melba Levick is a widely published photographer who has over twenty books to her credit, including Rizzoli's Japanese-Style Gardens of the Pacific West Coast, Beach Houses: From Malibu to Laguna, and Casa California: Spanish-Style Houses from Santa Barbara to San Clemente. 
Whether explosive displays of columnar cacti and brilliant wildflowers cascading down sun-bathed hillsides, meditative, botanical expressions of an organic, spine-laden geometry set within the quiet, earthen walls of a Spanish colonial mission, or twilit, verdant groves evoking a prelapsarian topographythis book captures the numinous light and beauty of 18 unique and rarely photographed private and public desert gardens between San Francisco and San Diego. Featuring the most important desert garden in the world at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, as well as the Moorten Botanical Gardens in Palm Springs, Balboa Park in San Diego, and many exquisite private gardens, the volume celebrates the sculpturesque charms of cacti, aloes, and other succulent flora that have adapted to the extreme conditions of the desert.
  Combining spectacular garden views in idyllic settings and ravishingly beautiful images of particular specimens, with text by the renowned desert garden expert Gary Lyons that balances the poetics and technical aspects of this garden genre, the book serves as an inspirational guide to these horticultural treasures. Because interest in desert gardens continues to grow dramatically, the book also includes the addresses and visiting hours of gardens open to the public, and provides a bibliography of what one needs to know in order to create one's own.
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Introduction:The Desert Garden in Southern California
Gunter Schwartz Garden, Santa Barbara
FrankJordano Garden, Santa Barbara
GannaWalska Lotusland. Montecito
Gary Lyons Garden, Burbank
Fick Garden, Pasadena
Los Angeles City Zoo, Griffith Park, Los Angeles
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont
Huntington Desert Garden, San Marino
San Gabriel Mission. San Gabrie
Getty Center Cactus Garden, Los Angeles
Modelo Shales. Pacific Palisades
Serra Gardens. Malibu
Moorten Botanical Gardens, Palm Springs

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