John Donne’s Poetry(Norton Literature) 约翰·邓恩的诗歌 (新版)(诺顿文学评论)

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作者:John Donne 著出版社:华文出版社出版时间:2006年04月 
“Criticism” is divided into four sections and represents the best criticism and interpretation of Donne’s writing: “Donne and Metaphysical Poetry” includes seven seventeenth-century views by contemporaries of Donne such as Ben Jonson, Thomas Carew, and John Dryden, among others; “Satires, Elegies, and Verse Letters” includes seven selections that offer social and literary context for and insights into Donne’s frequently overlooked early poems; “Songs and Sonnets” features six analyses of Donne’s love poetry; and “Holy Sonnets/Divine Poems” explores Donne’s struggles as a Christian through four authoritative essays.
A Chronology of Donne’s life and work, a Selected Bibliography, and an Index of Titles and First Lines are also included.
目  录
The texts of John Donne’s Poetry
Satire 1.
Satire 2.
Satire 3.
Satire 4.
Satire 5.
Elegy 1. The Bracelet.
Elegy 2. The Comparison.
Elegy 3. The Perfume.
Elegy 4. Jealousy.
Elegy 5.

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